The year’s last, loveliest smile



Today is the first day of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s by far one of my favourite times of the year. The days are growing shorter, the air is sharper and crisp and the time is coming where we can slow down from the wild summer days, and settle into cozy winter evenings.

I love using the natural flow of the seasons to plan and review what’s going on in my life, and autumn for me is a time where I can review the labours of the summer months and plan for the long winter ahead.

This summer was about rediscovering who I am, exploring my values, my beliefs, learning to stand on my own. It was about exploring the depths of my past and reconnecting with my inner child. I expanded during these summer months, stretching myself to new heights, exploring and developing new skills. I let go of old patterns and embraced new ways of being. I spent the summer falling in love with the person I’ve become and really allowing that person to shine.“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence

I discovered true friendships in surprising places. I let go of old friendships that no longer served my higher purpose. I learned that letting go is difficult but necessary. It was, for me, a time of setting up my life in the way that I dreamed of living it, and letting go of the need to explain or justify myself to others who may question it.

So as summer fades to autumn, I’ve been looking back over the intentions I set myself over the New Year. I’ve been asking myself: am I happy with where I am? Am I giving back to the world in the way I intended? Where do I stand now in relation to where I want to be? Is there anything I would change, and how?

It’s the time of harvesting our rewards and the results of our labours, and also of setting aside and planning what seeds we wish to plant to germinate over the winter months. Where are you standing in relationship to where you hoped to be? Are you happy? Do you feel like you are giving back in the way you desire? Are you grateful for what you have? Are you closer to meeting the intentions you set or do they feel outdated?

Reassessing where you are in relationship to where you wish to be is a good way to track your progress. Celebrate your achievements and re-dedicate yourself to the intentions your set out that still resonate with you.

Blessings and light,





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