Why fasting is good for your physical and spiritual wellbeing

I recently completed a juice cleanse from Pure Glow Cleanse and I can’t stop waxing lyrical about it. It was my second cleanse with Pure Glow, and it’s something that I highly recommend for those of you who have been interested in it. Of course, each cleanse should be undertaken after consultation with youIMG_6445r own physician if you have any health concerns.

So, what is a juice cleanse?

First, a proper juice cleanse or fast should be well researched before it’s undertaken. The reason I love Pure Glow Cleanse is that their juices are organic, cold-pressed, and home delivered within the Perth Metro area, making it convenient and time-efficient for the busy entrepreneur.

Pure Glow Cleanse juices are not packed full of sugars, and use seasonal produce to ensure the most delicious and nutrient dense juices to cleansers. And I’m not any form of benefit to say this!

There are of course plenty of juicing companies out there specialising in juice cleanses, so you can do your own research and even make your own juices if you have the time and want to put in the effort.

How does a juice cleanse work?

For me it started with a week of preparation. I cut out the processed sugars (not that I have many), caffeine and alcohol. I already avoid gluten and lactose so there wasn’t any change there. The reason for this is that in my experience a cold-turkey detox can result in a migraine and serious withdrawals if you’re a caffeine addict and if you’ve been eating lots of processed foods for awhile.

Once you’re eating a fairly clean diet, a juice cleanse is a walk in the park. With Pure Glow this means drinking 6 juices each day for 3 days, without any other food. Yes, you miss chewing! But the cleanse is worth the effort.

I also recommend taking a social media detox at the same time, because I was surprisIMG_6471ed by the amount of food porn posts all over my Instagram and Facebook accounts – which made not eating even harder, though I wasn’t feeling hungry – I think a big part of appetite involves eating with your eyes!!

I did my cleanse over the weekend, which gave me the added bonus of being able to wrap my cleanse with some healthy mindfulness techniques. It also inspired me to get the week started on a healthy note, with Sunday spent preparing some healthy meals for the week ahead.

Physical benefits of a cleanse

Some might question why or how not eating can be good for you – but don’t forget that these cleanses are packed full of nutrient rich juices – with lots of veggies and less sugar-dense fruit, unlike store bought “juices”.

A cleanse encourages a balance of the flora in your gut. There are two types of bacteria in you bowels, each with their own benefits. Firmecutes are linked with weight gain whilst Bacteroidetes are linked with leaner body compositions. Research shows that juice cleanses can reduce the Firmecutes and increase the Bacteroidetes in your gut.

Cleanses give your digestive system a break. Your digestive system uses approximately 50% of your body’s energy, so this gives your body the energy to focus on other important things, like getting rid of toxin build up and allowing your gut to heal, especially when you suffer from leaky gut. It also helps rest the liver which works overtime to detox the many toxins we usually consume on a daily basis.

Going on a juice cleanse helps you break the unhealthy cravings you may have developed, resetting your system and turning you towards more sustainable eating habits. It also helps reset your appetite. We eat portions that are far too large for the amount of energy we normally exert. A juice cleanse allows our appetite to reset to it’s natural state, and being more mindful of what we’re consuming, we realise when we’re full quicker and reset our eating habits to fit this.

Surprisingly for some, juice cleanses actually help you feel more energised. Once you get over the first day’s adjustment period, you gain a certain level of mental clarity and extra energy consuming these natural, organic juices.

Since my last juice, sipped gently over a couple of hours, began at 7pm, usually by 9pm I was ready for bed. The early nights also gave me the added bonus of catching up on some much needed sleep, which adds to healthy weight loss, better concentration and an improved immune health. IMG_6448

Emotional and spiritual benefits of a cleanse

On the emotional front, doing the cleanse over the weekend gave me the opportunity to rest and recharge mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Given that most of my social interactions are centered around food or drinks – catching up for lunch, dinner or a glass of wine! – being on the juice cleanse was a good excuse to say no to social invitations and take some timeout.

Without the extra time for food preparation, or the need to head to my next social engagement, I had the opportunity to spend time with myself, checking in on my mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. That’s a lot of extra time for myself that I wouldn’t normally have.

Being on the cleanse gave me the opportunity to slow down. I used the extra time I had to journal, clean out my closet and space of things that no longer resonated for me or I no longer needed, as well as clear the space and detox my emotional / mental processes. I had extra time to devote to my meditation practice, finding greater clarity to connect inward. It also afforded me the opportunity of detoxing emotionally as well as physically, letting go of old baggage that I hadn’t realised I was still carrying with me.



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