A brand new year begins…

Well, it’s almost the end of January 2018 and I can’t help but reminisce on the year I’ve had. This time last year I was back in Australia, terrified and excited about the journey I was about to start. Moving to a new country, without friends, family or a network was, in retrospect one of the bravest things I’ve ever done. At the time I didn’t think of it as being brave, it just felt like it was something I had to do. I left Perth with one suitcase, two cats and three intentions:

  1. Find a career that is satisfying, rewarding and aligned with my values, where I can grow and thrive.
  2. Find my tribe; a group of people who I can count on and who are fun to be with.
  3. Say yes to every opportunity that comes along, be brave and daring and try new things.
Summer days in Cyprus

Standing in 2018 and looking back, I can safely say that I achieved each of my intentions. The first few months were not the easiest. Learning the ropes of a new country, even one so similar in culture to Australia, had it’s own challenges. It was lonely at times, a struggle to create and maintain real relationships with a whole group of new people when the only thing you’ve really got in common is that you’re all new to a city.

Not only did I find work that is aligned with my values, that is equal parts challenging and gives me the opportunity to grow, but I’m working with people that are genuine and believe in what they do. I definitely found my tribe, a group of people who are genuine and fun to be with. And I grabbed every opportunity that came my way which led to more travel than my budget technically allowed, but I’ve had so much fun along the way, I don’t feel too guilty for dipping (drilling, boring, wrecking) my savings.


I can only feel satisfied with the somewhat rash gamble I took. As they say, if you aren’t a little scared, you’re not on the right path. And I have to say, I’ve been at least a little scared (in a good way) for the better part of a year! So, as the new year begins, it’s time to set some intentions for what 2018 is going to look like.

Whilst saying yes to every opportunity was fun, it did take a toll on the balance sheets, so my first intention for 2018 is to get my finances in order. This means only saying yes to something that makes my soul sing and feels really aligned to what I desire. Cue The Barefoot Investor and a strict review of all my finances.

This was me, in May 2015

The second intention is to get my physical health back in shape. Living in a foreign country, even if you are working full time, can put you into a ‘holiday’ mindset which means more unhealthy food and far too many drinks…which all add up to going up a dress size (or two). So, my intention for 2018 is to go back to the size and weight (and healthiness) I was in May 2015.

Finally, my third intention is to read more. I used to love reading until…I did my Masters and had to read so many resource books that I had no time or desire to read for pleasure. I used to be a bibliophile. My first job whilst I was at university was at a book store, where I spent the majority of my pay check on buying more books. I had an entire room full of bookshelves, my own personal library.

I got rid of all those beautiful books by donating them to the local library when I moved from my house to my apartment in Perth. And I have to say, I miss them. To me, books are life the etchings on door frames, showing your growth in terms of the expansion of your mind instead of your height as a child. Most successful CEOs and business people read between 3 and 5 books a month! So my intention for 2018 is to read at least 4 books a month. It’s not an impossible feat. If an average book is 400 pages, with the average person reading 200 words per minute, that’s about 45 minutes a day to finish a book a week. Now I’m a speed reader, and read an average of 800 words per minute, so the feat is not impossible!

Given the success of my intentions from 2017, here’s to an even better 2018!


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