Superfood Abundance Bowl

By eating nutrient rich food you not only keep fuller for longer but it also helps curtail your cravings for unhealthy snacks.

Delicious turmeric blueberry pancakes!

These delicious pancakes are gluten free, sugar free and oh-so-delicious! Please check out the original recipe by Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar team.

Homemade chai latte

Autumn has officially kicked in! To celebrate, here’s my delicious homemade recipe to keep you warm as the season cools. The ingredients in this recipe also stimulate your sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra. The sacral, or navel, chakra sits just above the public bone and is the seat of your creativity, sexuality, emotions and…

Root Chakra Healing and Activation Soup

I have always been an experimental foodie. I love mixing it up in the kitchen and I rarely use a recipe unless I’m baking. Even then I tend to measure less and work with my intuition more. So when I was looking at ways of activating and healing the chakra, of course my thoughts would…